ITALMARKET-PORTAL is the portal for Italian companies that stand out!
In the great mare nostrum of "made in italy ITALMARKET-PORTAL.COM is a platform for companies to get Italian business in the light of day.

It is not enough to be present on the Internet, is much more important to be found.

This site brings together companies of different categories of activities such as: hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfast, camping, catering, tourism, wine, accessories, animals, flowers, crafts, antiques, jewelry, leather work, art, furniture, architecture , interior design, gifts, beauty, fashions, books, sales of houses, cars, car hire, vehicles, computers, videogames, telecommunications, telephony, electronics, hobbies, entertainment for leisure, entertainment, sports, modeling, nautica , optics, photography, publicity and advertising, sanitary, schools, services, toys.
GEM IMPIANTI ROMA b Electrical systems, alarm, TV and gate automation in Rome
RESTALDI STORE b Online sale of billiards, slippers and accessories
FC MEDICAL SHOP b Online sale of medical article
EMILIO INFISSI b Sell Door & Window Fixtures in Rome
VILLA GLI ULIVI b Meeting room at ceremonies in Rome
PALLONCINI b Article for Balloon Art and Party Decoration
FIORI LA BAITA b Garden Center in Rome
TRASPORTO CASSEFORTI b Transport Safes for individuals and companies
AUTODEMOLIZIONI PEPE b Demolition in Rome Breakdown and Recovery Services Car
EXECUTIVE LIMOUSINE AND SERVICES b Limousine Rent and exclusive service in Rome
AIRON WEB CONSULENTI DEL LAVORO b List of job consultants in your city
AIRON WEB COMMERCIALISTI b List of accountants in your city
AIRON WEB AVVOCATI b List of attorneys, law firms in your city
AIRON WEB b Platform web to find lawyers, accountants or consultants working in your city
AMBULATORIO VETERINARIO TUSCOLANO b Veterinary in Rome near Tuscolana - Appia
TRANSFER SHUTTLE TOUR b Transfer from airport and Tour in Rome
ESSEMME GROUP b Solutions for your print
THE CAR WRAPPERS b car car wrapping and car decoration in Rome
MOBILI PER UFFICIO b Sales furnishong for office
HOME & KIDS b Agency for the use of domestic staff in Rome
BILIARDI RESTALDI b billiard factory in rome
CRUISE ROME AIRPORT SHUTTLE b Transfer to Rome - Fiumicino from cruise port of Civitavecchia
BIMBISSIMI b Sale items for children online italiano inglese francese
AR TRASLOCHI b transport in Rome
ACCIAIO INOX GESA b industrial equipment for bars, restaurants and ice cream
AGRITURISMO IN ITALIA b Book farm holiday in Italy
BED AND BREAKFAST IN ITALIA b Book bed and breakfast in Italy
ALBERGHI IN SICILIA b Hotels in Sicilia
ALBERGHI SARDEGNA b Hotels in Sardegna
ALBERGHI MOLISE b Hotels in Molise
ALBERGHI MARCHE b Hotels in Marche
DADAS TRASPORTI b transportation and delivery appliances in Rome
ALBERGHI LOMBARDIA b Hotels in Lombardia
ALBERGHI LIGURIA b Hotels in Liguria
ALBERGHI FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA b Hotels in Friuli Venezia Giulia
ALBERGHI EMILIA ROMAGNA b Hotels in Emilia Romagna
ALBERGHI CAMPANIA b Hotels in Campania
ALBERGHI BASILICATA b Hotels in Basilicata
ALBERGHI ABRUZZO b Hotels in Abruzzo
LAZIO ALBERGHI b Hotels in Lazio
EXPEDIO SERVICE b Decoration and advertising in Rome
LA GAIA CASA b Online sales gift article
MADE IN ITALY 1996 b Made in Italy businness
ROME AIRPORT CONNECTION b Rome airport connection
RISTORANTE L'INCANTO MARINO b Fish restaurant in Rome
GRECO DOLCIARIA b Wholesale candy sale in Rome
PROGETTI DI COMUNICAZIONE b Marketing studio's in Lecce
STUNT BIKE b Sale mountain bike and freeride accessories
OCM IMPIANTI SCENOGRAFICI b theatrical equipment in Rome
CROAZIA CASA VACANZE b Holiday in Croatia (isle of Brac)
COSTANTINI ILLUMINAZIONE b Light and space in Rome
ARREDI PER FARMACIE b furniture pharmacies
CENTROFER SRL b Recycling and waste disposal
FOGNATURE AMICONE MICHELE b Emergency sewer in Rome
CIAVARELLA CAMINI b fireplaces barbecue ovens for bread production and sale - Roma
SOLE E BENESSERE b Beauty center in Rome
COMPRAVENDITA b Portal of free ads for buying
DIGIMEDICA b Acoustic equipment and accessories in Rome
FULL SERVICE VIDEO b Sales audio-video broadcasting
HOTELS IN ITALIA b Booking hotels in Italy
PRIMEDIL b Building and install industrial farm
RIGA SRL b Project and costruction great industrial system
SHUTTLE SERVICE ROMA b Shuttle service in Rome
IL TIMBRO b Sales stamp, pltaes, engravings
MILANO EXPO 2015 b Made in Italy of Milan expo 2015 exhibition
VOTRE MAISON ET JARDIN b Garden furnishing in Rome
COMEP SRL b production machinary for packaging
SISTI SHOES b Online store of the best shoes brand
QUATTRO EMME ROMA b production and sale carpet for cars
QUARRY-SERVICE S.r.l. b Solutions for the shredding
ELETTRICA 2B b Electrical implants in Rome
PALAZZO IMPIANTI SRL b Sale and intall hitter, conditionar and solar panel
ITALMARKET.TV b TV spot video clip in internet
LAVORO b Work advertise and offer
MONDIAL INFISSI b Sales and product window
SOCCORSO ITALIA AMBULANZE DI ROMA b Ambulances & medical services
SILCA LETTURA CONTATORI b Water counter reader
INFISSI SALFA b Sale & production of fixtures
BEBE' SHOP b Article for children
BURZACCHI b Distribution equipments for dental use and dental technician
AUTOTRASPORTI PIANOFORTI b Piano & Musical instruments transportation
EDIZIONI MUSICALI RIUNITE b Sale of musical book
SIMMI GIOIELLI b Prestigious Jwelers in Roma
NUOVA ADRIATICA b Cleaning Services
ABITARE OGGI b Modern and classic furnishings
ITALFOND SRL b Production & sale of Cast Iron
PATRICK PORTE b Distribution furnishing.
STELLA MARINA b Bed & Breakfast in Ostia
SCAMAR 2000 b System for industrial packaging
ANNUNCI ECONOMICI b Economic announcements
LEGNO MARKET AURELIA b products for wood
STUFE TIROLESI b Ceramic fireplace of Tirolesi
SDG CUCINE b Furnishing for home
BERUS COPIE b Fotocopy, printing, fax and internet point
E.R.I. EDIL RESINE ITALIA b Waterproof housing
HOBBY RADIO b All for Radio-Operator
PENTARREDO b furnishing in rome
SERVIZI DI BELLEZZA b Hairdressing salon in Rome
PASTICCERIA CECERE b Peasant pastry shop, cakies and more
TEKNO EMME b Production and sale fixtures
ODONTOLOS b Odontoiatry, Ortodoncy, Olistic Medicin
FANI TRASLOCHI b Transports and removals in Rome
TEKNOGRAPHICS b Sales stamp in Rome
LODI SCALA b planning and commercialization of personalized scales
BIBO RISTORANTE b Restaurant in Rome
INFISSI 2000 b Infissi 2000, windows antinoise and more
S.I.S.M.E. b All for packaging
LIBRI b portal for those who love reading or studying
ANNUNCI IMMOBILIARI b portal for your real estate - including a free
MEPHISTO SHOP b Mephisto shoes
CORSETTERIA.ORG b Portal of fashion
TAZZA D'ORO COFFEE SHOP b Toasting coffee
HOTEL IL PAPAVERO b 1 stars hotel in Rome
KOEFIA b Academy of high fashion and custom made
GENTILE LEGNAMI b Resale wood and more
ZUCCHET GILLES b Services of hygiene acclimatize them
HOTEL SAN CARLO b Hotels in Rome
HOTEL NIZZA b Hotel in Rome
HOTEL ARCOBALENO b Hotel in Reggio Calabria
CRUCIANI MOTO b All from moto
VITAR b Automation cancels precision mechanics
TECNO ALLUMINIO S.r.l. b Production and sale stretch doors etc.
NOVAEDIL b Materials for building
IDROGAS S.n.c. b Conditioning and heating to gas
ROMANA GRUPPI b Material cinematographic electrical worker
FRATELLI CARTOCCI b Chartering average technical for cinema and television
RISTORANTE CESARE b Restaurants in Rome
MONTECARUSO b Restaurants in Rome
FORNARI b Catering in Rome
AGRICOLA GALTELLI b All for the garden, food for dogs and cats
STUDIO MEDDA b Fiscal study and business advisings in Pinerolo (TO)
VERNIPLAST S.r.l. b Publishing graphical production
TIPOGRAFIA BERNARDINI b Offset press to warmth
EGO-YOGA b Courses of Yoga in Rome
CENTRO MATERASSI ROMA b Mattresses and more
DOMUSTENDE b Planning realization and sale stretches
CERAMIKADA b Pavements and coverings in ceramics wood and leather
DELMAR PELLETTERIE b Production and sale Leather
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